Wolfgang Voigt Prepares Two Releases For Berlin Festival


Those Wolfgang Voigt lovers out there can expect two new releases in the next couple of months, kicking off with the release of an EP entitled Polkatrax 1 on May 5th. This EP, released via Polkatrax, is based on the music that lays close to Voigt's heart – the two-fourth brass anomaly has provided a great starting point for him to show off his talent with loops and rhythmic borrowings.

In a release limited to just 500 CDs worldwide, Voigt has also planned a release for Rückverzauberung 9 / Musik Für Kulturinstiutionen on July 7th which aims to be a multi-reflecting, disorienting Russian doll-esque project.

Catch Voigt in Berlin on May 8th or in London at St John, Hackney on may 22nd.

Find out more about Wolfgang Voigt on his Kompakt artist page.