Watch: George Clinton In Conversation At Dimensions


Parliament/Funkadelic are a gigantic presence in the history of music. One of the most sampled groups in history, the theatrical, psychedelic, sci-fi inspired P-Funk band was steered through history under the direction of legendary musicians, amongst which Bootsy Collins and George Clinton are possibly the most instantly recognisable and massive.

This year Dimensions Festival saw Parliament headline the Clearing stage to a rapurous and packed crowd, but were also privileged enough to spend an hour in candid conversation with Clinton, where Tony Nwachukwu and he discussed his musical development, the evolution of the band through it's earliest inception and the sixties and seventies, the recording and artists behind tracks like Flashlight and Not Just Knee Deep. It's an hour of insightful and interesting conversation with a hugely influential figure in the landscape of music.

Dimensions Live 2015: George Clinton by dimensionsfestival

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