Watch A Half Hour Documentary On Music House, Home Of Dubplates


Music House is one of the key foundations of the UK's rave culture. The Tottenham based cutting studio has mastered and cut thousands upon thousands of records, bringing a bass heavy reggae sensibility to classic releases spanning everything from late 80s acid house right up to the grime dubplates Spooky still gets cut there today. A look at the records they've been involved in mastering on their Discogs page shows a line of tracks that have gone on to iconic status, from the proto jungle of Rufige Cru's (aka Goldie) Terminator and Lenny De Ice's We Are E right through to S-X's icey grime instrumental Woooo Riddim.  

It's a surprise, then, that Music House isn't better known. This is in part down to a publicity shyness on their behalf, preferring to get on with the business of cutting records rather than courting media. With this in mind, we were pleased to come across this rare half hour look inside the inner workings of the studio, uploaded by Youtube user Tee Bone. It's no frills affair, just a single camera and some deep chat with engineer Leon Chue (who we're pretty sure is garage producer/ DJ Wookie's brother) – but what's on offer is some unprecedented insight into an essential piece of music history…


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