Watch A Guy Called Gerald Talk New Technology


We're not normal ones to go for branded content, but this video from A Guy Called Gerald is pretty interesting – he starts by advocating for digital, insisting that vinyl – or any plastic – can't hold the depth of bass frequency that he's wanting to use in his music. It's probably one of the most convincing arguments for digital over vinyl we've heard for a while, though he's never going to convince us that digital (as it currently is) can compete in terms of that intangible warmth… He goes on to talk about the link between techno and technology, then take the piss out of kids who are shamelessly retro in their vinyl fethishism. The whole thing is peppered with flashy visuals of Native Instruments' new Traktor DJ iPad software (which it's basically an advert for) – is the new software any good? On the basis of this video we just can't tell – but it looks kinda fun to mess with…


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