Warrior Queen Interview


Ahead of her appearance at Redux last weekend alongside Sticky, Redlight and a wholllle host of others we caught up with the enigma that is Warrior Queen.

Firstly, can you tell us how you got into music professionally?
I must say ,that,i have been musically inclined from a tender age,but took to another level when i did my first recording in jamaica, on the vena label,produced by Philip" fat-tis" Burrell;continuing the trend with the likes of" Penthouse" Donovan Germain,steely n Clevey. shocking vibes , to name a few, these releases were under the name wendy culture,in the late nineties.
Then in early 2002 i travelled to uk , i then was linked to kevin martin,aka"the Bug", after he had heard a track of mine, through a friend,
we recorded our first track together(my first Uk released) aktion pak/world war 3 on the rephlex label,this collaboration led to other major collabs, that set the Uk trend professionally,under the name "Warrior Queen".

What's the best thing about what you do?
Being able to relate to Patrons, Fans and to listeners on a whole, and most of all writing.as it takes deep meditation at times

How does it work when these tracks you've worked on come together, are you involved in the production process or do people approach you with a ready made track?
i am  being approached by readymade beats,i then listen and write lyrics to the beats,

You've worked with a lot of prolific acts including The Bug, Skream, Kode9 Sunship and The Heatwave, who has been the most interesting to work with and why?
To be honest, they were all interesting to work with, especially when i'm in the studio with the producers to the likes of Skream, Sunship, Heatwave and the Bug ,who is the sternest of 'em all reason be, every-key bar, line ,ad-libs has to be intact even if i have to live in the studio, to get the track, perfecto!

What's it like working with such a variant of acts, do they all have different styles of working?
Very interesting and fun at times, not really different styles really, as most of the time it's just recording the vocals,  i am not in studio for mixing .etc:

Who in music at the moment do you think is really pushing things forward, whether it be a producer, label, event?
I cant say really for producers or labels, but event-wise  from my point a view i'd say  Vagabondz,, been in Japan recently and  Vagabondz was  a "talked about"topic

If you could perform live with anybody at the moment, who would it be?
"Foreign Beggars"

For those of us that have never seen Warrior Queen live – what can we expect from your performance with at Redux on 9th Dec?
Vibrant ,Energetic, a bit lewd, and Lyrically inclined,Fun and Exciting!

Check the Redux video with Warrior Queen.