Visionist To Release Debut Album Through Pan


Visionist is set to release his debut album, Safe, on PAN, a label known for it's support of the further reaches of electronica, drone and ambient. Whilst Visionist's early releases appeared on forward thinking club label Lit City Tracks, it appears he is pushing further and further out from the fusion of experimental grime and twisted RnB with which he made his name, seeking a new language of sound. 

The track Victim has been made available by PAN as a streamable taster for the album. Whilst it shares the crashing drums and jerking, stop-start rhythms of grime, the track would be equally at home in the work of a neo-classical composer flirting with industrial themes.

With Safe's 12 tracks coming in at under 40 minutes, Safe is clearly no self indulgent affair. Tracklisting runs as follows.

01: You Stayed (01:13)
02: Victim (02:51)
03: 1 Guarda (02:19)
04: I’ve Said (01:00)
05: Vffected (03:23)
06: Sin-cere (04:00)
07: Safe (03:16)
08: Let Me In (03:16)
09: Too Careful To Care (03:35)
10: Tired Tears, Awake Fears (03:15)
11: Constraint (00:58)
12: Sleep Luxury (03:20)

Safe is available on Ocotober 9th, on vinyl, CD and digital formats.