Vampire Weekend


3 mixes from the Jaxx that run a jaunty gamut all the way from the happy carnival guitar frolics of the Club Mix right through to the shirts off, teeth gnashing, shrivelled cock rave beast that is the roaring Vamp Dub. I like the club mix the best for its sheer exuberance. Plucky synths come from all angles and highlife rhythms abound, alongside the usual kitchen sink Jaxx nuttiness. The Weekend vocal chants, taken out of context of the poppy original, assume a Bollywood vibe adding to the soundclash buzz, and its all a whole lot of f.u.n. The Warp and Vamp Dubs become increasingly deranged with Dominator basslines farting out the speakers, military drum rolls and general high tempo electro rage kicking all and sundry in the chops and munching eardrums like tiny sagging sultanas. Big !

Ian Mcquaid