Undo Announces His Third Album “Disconnect”


Long term Razzmatazz resident Undo, aka Gabriel Berlanga, has announced his third album 'Disconnect' will be released on the 15th November. 

The album is based around a simple idea, the power of music to boost our moods and to empower our decisions. 'Disconnect' is not about any one style or sound in particular. Undo blends different influences using both new and old analogue gear combined with digital plug-ins and FX to create his own recognizable sound.

With more than 10 years on the road, Undo has played in some of the best clubs and festivals around the globe, making him one of the leading Catalan tastemakers in dance music. 

In order to create you need to *disconnect*, get away from the noise and get close to what really matters: the beat, the harmony, the rhythm. Deep. 

Find out not much more here.

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