TYGAPAW announces her debut album for NAAFI


Jamaican-born NYC-based DJ and producer TYGAPAW has announced the release of her debut album GET FREE, on Mexico City’s NAAFI.

Showcased through some of her most energetic and abrasive productions, the LP, which follows her ‘Ode to Black Trans Lives’ EP for her own Fake Accent imprint this summer, is a project of self-discovery and a conscious effort to lead dance music back to the hands of its creators.

Speaking about the release, TYGAPAW explained that, “It puts the process of self-discovery and owning of ones’ entire self to the forefront, with a soundtrack that relentlessly pulses and moves with intention. ‘Relish in those waves, we stand only to gain connection.’ Once the vision is actualized, we gain connection, and ultimately we get free”.

TYGAPAW is a multi-disciplined producer and DJ who has run her monthly queer night, Fake Accent, from her home base of Brooklyn since 2014. This developed into a label in 2019 which provides a platform for Black electronic music artists.