Trevor Jackson To Release Multi-Format Album


Trevor Jackson has taken a slightly different approach to the release of his upcoming album 'F O R M A T'. When the album comes out on 25th February 2015, fans will be able to either get their copy in vinyl form, as a digital download OR in a collectible set of 12 limited-edition different formats, each custom finished with packaging designed by the artist.

For this unique release, each of the 12 tracks will be presented on a different format designed by Jackson and produced by The Vinyl Factory – the selection of formats used are; 12", 10” and 7” vinyl, CD, Mini CD, Cassette, USB, VHS, Mini Disc, DAT, 8-track and Reel-to-Reel. Jackson explains the release as follows;

“Every copy of a physical recording is different, a real object that has its own little story – a one of a kind, personalised by the effort you put in to purchase it, each time you touch it, and the unique ritual that goes along with playing it. I want the people who purchase these items to feel special; they will be the only ones who possess these tracks in any form at that time. The fact culturally everything's become so convenient and easily accessible whilst in the process totally disposable is an important subject i needed to address with this project.”

Now to find a reel-to-reel…

'F O R M A T' is released on 25th February 2015 via The Vinyl Factory.