Touch Sensitive set to release collection of Vox Populi! music from 1986-1990


Touch Sensitive are set to release a collection of music from cult French group Vox Populi!, recorded between 1986-1990.

The Psyko Tropix collection is compiled of predominantly unreleased works, with the entirety being pressed to vinyl for the first time, and comes complete with liner notes showcasing the band’s creative process and prolific output.

Like much of the band’s material this 11-track LP gives a window into the band’s cocktail of influences and their genre-bending sound, which pulled from post-punk, avant-garde, industrial and ambient, always crafted with a DIY mentality.


Active throughout the 80s, Vox Populi! were key figures within Paris’ experimental and mail-art scenes. Founded by Axel Kyrou, and involving members Mitra (Axel’s partner) and her brother Arash, the band released a string of releases on independent labels including Vox Man Records, Unlikely Records and Cthulhu Records.

Speaking about their process, Vox Populi! said: “We recorded everything – every idea. We would always have a cassette or a reel running. We made such different styles – freaky, alternative, experimental, industrial etc. We had no rules and no plans – our main motives were play and pleasure. I think that many people can feel that in the music. We were never defined by fashion or the zeitgeist. So we remained ourselves. Our sound is still natural. We had to be turned on by our own music and we wanted the music to have an impact on consciousness. We were the subjects of our own experiments and there was also a kind of mystery – even for us.”

Psyko Tropix is out on 15th April via Touch Sensitive.