Throne Of Blood To Release ‘Moon Rock 3’


You can't beat a nice, strong compilation and, thanks to the folks over at Throne Of Blood, each time a volume of Moon Rock comes around there's a whole host of electronic goodness for you to sink your teeth into as if it were the freshest of apples.

The third instalment of the Moon Rock series is on the way in the next few weeks and is set to feature sounds from Throne Of Blood label veterans such as Steve Moore, Ulysses, Curses, Luv*Jam, Anti Hero (aka Chris McIntyre from Jokers of the Scene), Clean Plate (aka Pink Skull), Tempelhof, and Pittsburgh Track Authority along with a whole host of friends.

As the influential eye of a certain Mr Eno casts a spell over these sounds there's enough reverb on the percussion to fill at least a ahandful of bathtubs. Get yourself ready to plunge into the deep, dark unknown.

Moon Rock 3 is out on vinyl on 31st August and digitally on 14th September via Throne Of Blood.