Thomas Fehlmann prepares to release third album of 2018


The prolific producer will release "1929 – Das Jahr Babylon" on Kompakt Records on the 14th of December next month as he closes out a busy year in fine style. It will be his third album in 2018 and this time the focus of the release is slightly different as the label describes:

" '1929 – Das Jahr Babylon' is a soundtrack to the Volker Heise directed documentary of the same name to compliment the hit German TV series "Babylon Berlin" about the fateful year during the 'Weimarer Republik' – a dark moment of radical change in the Germany's capital that lead to World War II." 

The album will be available on both vinyl, digital and CD. The tracklist can be seen below:

A1 01 Chapter D (dark main) 
A2 02 Chapter M (driving) 
A3 03 Chapter M (karenina) 
A4 04 Chapter D (swing) 
A5 05 Chapter M (light) 
A6 06 Chapter M (mellow) 
A7 07 Chapter D (sparkling) 
A8 08 Chapter M (charming) 
B1 09 Chapter M (karenina 2) 
B2 10 Chapter D (main) 
B3 11 Chapter M (cosmic) 
B4 12 Chapter D (strumm) 
B5 13 Chapter M (reduction) 
B6 14 Chapter D (dark) 
B7 15 Chapter M (cosmic 2)