Thermal Bear – Carpe Noctem – Watch


We're loving the geometric madness accompanying this fine slice of deep electronic thump and melody from ThermalBear. The track is set to be the first vinyl release from rising promoters Derelichts – here's what they had to say about the video art:

"To accompany Derelichts' first ever vinyl release we commissioned Oliver Jennings to produce a video to accompany ThermalBear's Carpe Noctem. Oliver comments on his thought process behind the video "The track for me combined two very different sonic worlds, there's the highly regulated beat which hits hard from inception and then the beautiful uncertainty of the sample that seems to draw you in gradually. I wanted to represent this visually by merging two opposing aesthetics and decided to experiment with combining layers of sharp geometrical 3D architecture with the heterogenous unpredictable nature of video feedback, and present this unlikely relationship in infinite black space. The two were merged with green screen in and overlaying. Video feedback interests me from an aesthetic point of view but conceptually as well, I love the the idea of a video camera `viewing itself` creating a closed infinite loop which if intercepted by a visual stimulus will create wild pattern and textures".

Pre order the 12" from here

ThermalBear – Carpe Noctem (Directed by Oliver Jennings) from Derelicht on Vimeo.