The Kasper Bjørke Quartet Announces New Lp ‘The Fifty Eleven Project’


Kasper Bjørke and close collaborators Claus Norreen, Davide Rossi and Jakob Littauer have announced The Fifty Eleven Project, a new LP accompanied by a collection of short films, to be released via Kompakt on October 19th. Inspired by Bjørke's cancer diagnosis and recovery, the record is an entirely ambient concept album that interprets and evokes the emotional rollercoaster he rode. The week of its release marks the second anniversary of Bjørke receiving the all-clear.

Here's what he had to say:

"The project has been a therapeutic way of me processing the diagnosis, the constant fear of relapse and the light in being healed. Throughout the process I used the music to fall asleep to — and as a sonic space to meditate in and contemplate my journey. My hope is that others; healthy, ill or next of kin, will be able to use ‘The Fifty Eleven Project’ in that same way."

Accompanying each of The Fifty Eleven Project's 11 tracks is a short art film developed in collaboration with the culture platform and acclaimed LA-based artists/filmmaker/photography Justin Tyler Close. The 11 films will be assimilated into a video exhibition at Klub in Copenhagen from 12th – 21st October. The installation will then potentially tour Europe and the US in 2019.

Full tracklist:

A1 / 01 ‘Line Of Life (Prologue)’
A2 / 02 ‘Seminom Non Seminom’

B1 / 03 ‘CT’
B2 / 04 ‘50 11’
C1 / 05 ‘Neuron’
C2 / 01 ‘Dur For Vitus’
D1 / 02 ‘Paramount’
D2 / 03 ‘Os’
E1 / 04 ‘061016’
F1  /05 ‘Contemplation’
F2  / 06 ‘The Antiphon (Epilogue)’

Stream lead track Dur For Vitus HERE.