The Electro Compendium


I was going to make this blog post into a selection of tracks picked out as individual recommendations, but as I work my way through this 116 track compilation (current point is track 44) I realised it's really not fair. I'm happy to say that what people feel towards many 12 tracks albums – that a few fall short of being 'killer' – isn't true with this release and it's an incredible representation of a sound and beat that is often overlooked – Electro.

This project was initiated and compiled in a very openly sourced manner via the Electro group on Facebook by Dave Paton of the wee djs and Jean-Paul Body who just this week put out this staggering collection of music. Not only are there unknown names, but also people who are highly regarded as legends of the scene from Clatterbox, Silicon Scally (Carl Finlow) to Radioactive Man. 
So instead of picking out some tracks over others as being most worthy of listening, all tracks are worth your investment in time, a project of listening that will be rewarded track to track. It's available to stream and download in full now via Bandcamp for free and will also be released in an iPhone app and in parts on Additech.
Re-posted from the excellent Null + Void Blog, go and have a gander – they're good y'know!