Test Your Chances Of Getting Into Berghain On New Virtual Simulator


Berlin's Berghain club is notorious worldwide for chilly techno, black clad punters, and a stringent door policy designed to weed out the wrong 'uns. In a world of slavish consumer appeasement, where 'on-demand' is less an idiom, more a way of life, we're quite fond of a club that's willing to prize creating a good atmosphere over squeezing in every last pisshead.

Still, no one wants to get knocked back from the rave- especially if you've had to ride a Ryan Air flight to get there. Thankfully for any would be Berghainers, some tech bod has knocked together the 'Berghain Trainer', an in-browser app that films your facial expressions and tone of voice as you respond to 3 questions from a virtual version of doorman Sven Marquardt. Questions include “How old are you?”, “Are you drunk?” and “Do you know who’s spinning tonight?”- and whilst we're sure loads of you will pass whilst running the app stone cold sober, why not give it a spin when you're hammered? Then we'll see who's really got the skills…  Give it a spin over here

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