Terence Fixmer unveils new Album


Ostgut Ton will be releasing Terence Fixmer’s first full-length album for the label on October 12. The eight track album is tough. It feels and sounds like EBM – a jagged, guitar-like post-punk hybrid. Fixmer intertwines his industrial signature with melodies and ultra-saturated sounds of synths throughout, rather than focussing on drums and percussion. Fixer will perform live at a special release party in Berghain’s Säule on October 11, alongside sets by Nitz Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy, Phase Fatale and Thomas P. Heckmann.

The tracklist can be seen below: 

1. Something Invisible
2. Shouts In A Black Hole
3. Event Horizon
4. Fury
5. Accelerate
6. Expedition
7. A Halo Somewhere
8. Phase Shift

Listen to the album’s single “Accelerate” HERE