Tantalising Free Album Under The Name Aphex Andrews


A short while ago a grumpy Berlin based Welshman contacted the Ransom Note with word of a free 29 trackalbum that had appeared on Bandcamp by an artist named Aphex Andrews. There’s scant information on the page, but the with the name, and the tags at the bottom linking to Richard D. James and Luke Vibert are anything if not tantalizing. And that’s not even mentioning the music.

Just shy of 30 tracks of insanely well produced, mind melting electronic music that veers from crazy amen jungle to mangled synths to lush ambient. The quality is undeniable. Oh and there’s a track called Pissy that states in a weird brummy accent “I’m actually Aphex Twin, Square Pusher and Luke Vibert all in one and I can prove it because I play the dankest drum and bass, check it out” and then goes on to mumble something about smearing Marmite on their dick.

The music is so good we’re sure it’s legit. And if it’s some joker blagging it then they’re beyond talented. We’ll leave the decision to you but here at R$N we think it’s so good we almost hope it is just a hoax.

Check it out here


The deep acid of the opening 37000 Cisgender Bobles

The wonky plonky Burger Drop

The afore mentioned Pissy

So warm it makes you want to melt Pudding Madness

The austere electro of Radikal

The aching melancholy of the final track Zacharie

Follow Aphex Andrews on Bandcamp here and on Soundcloud here