Talking Heads Celebrate 30 Years Of Stop Making Sense


Talking Heads are set to give their iconic concert film 'Stop Making Sense' a digital release, 30 years after it first opened. The film is often cited as one of the greatest concert films of all time, and features an incredible performance from a band at the top of it's game, with an exuberant David Byrne switching hair styles throughout, wearing an increasingly inflated suit, and performing a strange dance with a lamp stand. Presumably the digital release will also include the after commentary (absent from some of the earlier physical releases) where Byrne interviewed himself, disguised as a variety of freaks and assholes. 

Accompanying the digital release will be a cinema screening of the film, touring the US. As yet no plans for the film to show in Europe have been annouced, but it seems safe to assume that it'll make it over here at some point before the year is up. The digital release will be available from July 15th.

Here's a blast of our favourite moment: