Yasuaki Shimizu’s 1984 album ‘Kiren’ to be released by Palto Flats


The Mariah band leader will have his album ‘Kiren’ released on vinyl, CD and digital.

Palto Flats have announced the release of an album recorded in 1984 from Yasuaki Shimizu, the former band leader of the acclaimed group Mariah.

The album features tracks which emphasise his off piste approach to music production, drawing upon unique and innovative methods of avant garde expression to create a collection of new wave and synth pop which is distinct and unique.

Music historian Chee Shimizu speaks about the importance of the record in the liner notes.


“‘ Kiren’, and his concurrent release ‘Latinwere’ – ‘born out of a free environment of collaboration that existed between Yasuaki and Aki Ikuta … (exemplifying) his most energetic works.’ In listening to Kiren, we might share with Yasuaki Shimizu the joy and excitement of experimentalism and movement that went into the making of this album, now released for the first time many years later.”

The album was announced alongside the release of a music video for a track taken from the LP:


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