Stream The Four Tet Endorsed Debut From Tirzah


There's a lot of things that we get sent that are supposedly 'weird' pop. Some days it seems like our inbox is flooded with chancers who think that recording a reverb riddled cover of a Puff Daddy b-side and accompanying it with a blurry photo of a cat makes them the biggest creative auteur since Arthur Russell. Then, some days we get something genuinely innovative and it's all worth it. 

Luckily Tirzah falls firmly in the second camp. Working with Mica 'Micachu' Levi, Tirzah's debut single is unquantifiable, a mix of oddball techno, random groans and moans, and a sexy, barely bothered delivery. The closest comparison we can make is ESG, if ESG had been born in the 90s and had spent their teenage years trawling Youtube for grainy Chicago house videos.

It comes as little surprise that Four Tet is an early supporter, dropping Make It Up on his recent Radio 1 show. Press play below and see why. 


Make It Up  is out today on Greco-Roman