Stream Martyn & Four tet’s Glassbeadgames


Despite the sunshine, we at Ransom Note towers are hunched over a laptop, pouring through the tidal wave of PR guff that floods our inbox EVEN ON A BANK HOLIDAY. When do these people sleep? Anyway, for once it's paid off – we just stumbled across this stream of Martyn and Four Tet's recent collaboration. Seeing as we're desperate to get out the house – and possibly even get some sort of colour onto our pasty, pixel-tanned faces, we're not going to go write about this too much – suffice to say it's taken from the 'Forgiveness EP', expected 2nd June 2014, it's taken from Martyn's third studio album, 'The Air Between Words,' due 16th June 2014, and it's bloody great – listen below: