Stream: Audion Remixes Ghost Culture


There's nothing like seeing two things you love come together. Matthew Dear, operating under his Audion guise, remixing the latest Ghost Culture single is a bit like dunking hobnobs into a cup of tea; individually they're strong. Toegther they are MAGICAL. Lucky is the third single from Ghost Culture's debut album. Audion keeps the ghostly vocals, tethering them to a futurist voodoo clank and some supple bass pressure. Full marks all round, give it a listen below and see for yourself. 

Lucky is out now on vinyl and digital. Phantasy Sound are also offering a choice of two Ghost Culture vinyl for free, exclusively via their store; "when buying PH47 'Lucky' (Audion Remix) just add PH47 to your cart along with either PH33RMX or PH46 and enter one of the corresponding codes below:

Enter PH33RMX for Gabe Gurnsey's Factory Floor Remix of 'Giudecca'
Enter PH46MOUTH for Shan & Gerd Janson's Remix of 'Mouth'"

Result… You can also catch Ghost Culture live at Corsica Studios on September 23rd – tickets are available from here