Here's another TDK C90's worth of orchestral manoeuvers from The Beat family member Stephen 'Groin Strain' Hodgen. Stephen has dusty feet, he won't thank me for sharing that with you – feet so dusty they increase in weight and mass by an additional 87% throughout a regular working day. The cruel children of yonder Gawthorpe hamlet would mock and throw stones, but Hodgen the boy child would come into his own at school discos; shuffling and spinning with graceful ease. Not a lot of people know this, keep it to yourself right.

01: Jerry Williams – Easy On Yourself (Beat Brokers Dub Mix)
02: Psychemagik – Ass Nation
03: Kalidasa – Bursting Through
04: Alphaville – The Nelson Highrise (Sector One) (Disco 3000 Edit)
05: Timothy J. Fairplay – Sleighride/Blizzard (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
06: Panoram – Mute City Blues
07: Floating Points – Marilyn
08: Psychemagik – Star Lazer
09: The Oscillation – Telepathic (Emperor Machine Remix)
10 Bjorn Torske – Langt Fra Afrika (Todd Terje’s Enda Lengre Miks) (Fra Afrika Altsa)
11: Slava – World Of Spirits
12: Sabres Of Paradise – Smoke Belch II (Exit)

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