Steffi’s Ransom Note Interview Leads Panoramabar To (Almost) Close Fan Page


When we posted our indepth interview with Steffi yesterday, we had no idea that the results would be so explosive. The piece quickly went viral, with thousands of views in an hour. Of particular note was Steffi's distaste for the Panoramabar Music facebook page – 

"Have you seen the popularity of the Panorama Bar music facebook page?" she said

"It’s got nothing to do with the club. It’s not supported by the club, it’s not organized by the club, and it’s just a very, very thin layer of all the stuff that’s actually been played in the club. What annoys me about this whole platform is you actually see people Shazaming around because they want to know the next day what they heard played at Panorama Bar that night. What is the use of not just absorbing it? Why do you have to be able to post it up the next day that you heard that this record was played?"

Today, the Panorama Bar group responded by suggesting it was going to close operations –

"What started 5 years ago as a page amongst regulars at Panorama Bar to share the music we love has since taken on a life of it's own and grown into something else." they wrote

"At just under 100,000 fans we think it is now a great point to move on. Respect the moment and not the memory."

Unsurprisngly, there has been a lively response from Panorama Bar Facebook Group members, from the angry, to the ignorant (asking who Steffi is isn't a strong look tbh), to the supportive  – "Larry Levan would have had the same attitude".

DJ Krysko had this to say on the matter: 

"You fucking twat! You've actually single-handedly ruined my week…I've fucking rinsed it that page until it started repeating itself, about a year ago."

When pressed further if Krysko had anything else to say on the matter:

"Not really. Since I stared pre recording my sets I don't worry about stuff like sensationalist journalism anymore."

Whether the group actually closes is another matter – although if it does it seems fairly likely that another will spring up to fill the gap, nature abhors a vacuum dontcha know.

Read the full interview over here