Steffi to release EP on Dark Entries as Crushed Soul


The Berlin based dj and Panorama bar resident is set to revist an old moniker on a new EP for Josh Cheon’s San Francisco based record label. ‘Crushed Soul’ is the moniker under which the prominent dj and producer will be operating, a name used only once previously on an Ostgut Ton compilation back in 2013. 

The EP is less rooted in techno and more so EBM, featuring rugged acid arpeggios, crunchy percussion and distorted drums. It features four tracks and will be released at the tail end of this month. The release is described by the label as follows:

“While her love of electro and classic Detroit techno have been oft-evident, here we witness the darker shades of new wave and industrial creep to the forefront. This turn for the twisted feels not just natural, but predestined, an inevitable succumbing to morbid forces. But Steffi also views Family as “a playful association…a mix of my past and new modern waves”. There is a kernel of whimsy, even joy, lurking within the record’s temporal jumblings.”

Buy the release and stream the tracks HERE