Standard Deviation welcome Katarina Gryvul for new LP

Tysha-Cover(Photography by Sam Clarke)

Kiev’s Standard Deviation welcome Katarina Gryvul for their next release: an eight-track album of electronica pop ballads.

Titled TYSHA, which is Ukrainian for silence, the album marks the Ukrainian-born, Austria-based multi-instrumentalist and singer’s first full release on the label following her a song contribution to their 2020 VA release, Intermissions.

Written during lockdown, the resulting works represent her personal journey during what she hails as ‘the most silent time of her life’ and the contrasting feelings of alienation and need for connection.


For the first time she experiments with more electronic-leaning sounds, rather than the classical instrumentation she’s previously used, and the outcome is a collection of music that moves through different moods and tempos, playing with silence, eerie harmonies and the spaces between organic and synthetic sound.

The LP also features remixes from London-based artist Flora Yin-Wong and Belgian experimentalist Maoupa Mazzocchetti.

Speaking about the LP Katarina explains: ”For me, the word TYSHA (Ukrainian for silence) is special: Its interpretation is versatile, making it as immeasurable as its many meanings: silky, enveloping, but, at the same time, caustic, fractured and sharp. These meanings are reflected in this second album of mine, which I wrote during the pandemic – the greatest silence of my life.”

Listen to the snippets below.

TYSHA is out today (February 9th 2022). The launch party will take place at Glass Tower (∄) on February 11th featuring performances from Maoupa Mazzocchetti (live), Evita Manji (live), Diana Azzuz and Andrey Kostyukov alongside Katarina Gryvul (live).