Spectres’ Alternative James Bond Theme Out Today


UPDATE: The BBC has claimed that the 'emails' are a hoax and the band has removed the FB post.

When the name of the new Bond film was released as 'Spectre', Bristol based band 'Spectres' joked online that because of their almost identical names, they'd landed the deal to be the band to record the film's highly anticipated theme.

Sam Smith, of course, had actually landed the official theme though the release has had mixed reviews, mostly crediting Sam's distinctive vocal but generally in disappointment of the song. Comments particularly mentioning that the chorus 'doesn't sound Bond enough'. 

Spectres released their version of the theme today as 'the alternative James Bond theme' which is pretty rad and could be a break through for the lesser known Bristol-based band.

It seems not all is hunky dory though as new drama has erupted when Spectres' version of Spectre (it does get a little confusing) was abruptly pulled from BBC 6Music's playlist. Copies of emails were later posted to Spectres' Facebook page regarding conversations between Sam's management and the controller of 6Music and it's not pretty.

Sam's management claims that by playing the unofficial James Bond anthem it is undermining Sam's official anthem 'Writing's on the Wall' that comes out next week and has threatened 6Music with legal action because of this. 6Music has fought back stating they are 'a station that prides themselves on promoting new talent' and especially having supported Spectres for the past two years, it would not be within the spirit of 6Music to pull their record. Though it seems after Sam's manager's bullying tactics 6Music has agreed to no longer play Spectres version to keep the peace in the short-term.

Something tell us this isn't over. Drama, drama, drama.

It may not be blasting out your radio speakers for a while but you can still listen to Spectres – Spectre below.