Sound Of Rum


Ah, so as not to be a mad hypocrite I have to declare my conflict of interests here, Ive known Sound Of Rums vocalist Kate Tempest for years. I first met her when she was the work experience girl in the record shop I worked in, where Id give her the shitty filing jobs I didnt want to do. Having seen her perform a gazillion times now, I can safely say that shes one of the most talented lyricists in London. You can argue that there may be people with a crazier flow, and there may be people with more distinctive timbre, but for sheer depth of metaphor and speed of thought, Kates your one. Back at the South London open mic night Speakers Corner Id see Kate (then about 19) get on stage, resembling with flowing ginger Hawkwind haircut- lost apple scrumper looking for a leyline (sorry Kate). Up on stage shed battle scowling hench hip hop bastards in front of an truly unforgiving crowd of heads, and eat the competition alive every single time, no lie, I never once saw her bested. So now shes been signed, and even if the track Slow Slow aint your cup of cha, if you get the opportunity to catch Sound of Rum live, take it, and see one of this countries brightest young talents in her natural surroundings, performing like her life depends on it.

Ian Mcquaid