Sought after Rave from Foul Play set for reissue on Sneaker Social Club


The label has announced a special re-release of an array of iconic and highly sought after material from underground rave giants Foul Play.

The "Origins" release features ten tracks which did the rounds on pirate radio stations and raves during the nineties with many of them having been highly sought after by diggers and collectors alike for years.  Many of the releases have fetched astonish prices on Discogs, the online vinyl marketplace, in recent times. The tracks have also been remastered and sound more lively than ever. 

A full tracklist can be seen below:

1. Finest Illusion
2. Survival
3. Dubbing You
4. The Alchemist
5. Feel The Vibe
6. Feel The Vibe (Again)
7. Screwface
8. Ricochet
9. Ricochet (No Stopping The Remix)
10. Ragatere