Smog releases ‘Post Gabber’ inspired EP on Failed Units


Paolo Combes will release two tracks via the imprint on a new EP which will be featured alongside two remixes from both Antwood and Forces. Paolo Combes aka Smog, is the co founder of eclectic, experimental label and collective oqko which is based in Berlin. This EP sees him explore a slightly different side to his musical palette drawing for deconstructed elements with punch and promise. 

This is the third EP to be released by the record label in a series which has become known as "Dawn Of The Failed Units". The label has described the record in abstract terms below:


: 4,200 humans have been confirmed dead in the facility. *

* – where did the rest go HA

There are still bodies in the ruins. The company did not provide details of what the new arms will look like or how they will be tested. It also declined to identify the products that would be produced with them.

:: Will my unit kill me? **

** (Yes. This will be a bit of a spoiler, but I know how I got to live.)

I know what you are thinking: this is just me projecting my deepest fears onto a robot as if it was some alien being intent on doing me harm. But not when I say that, for all of its problems with safety and comfort, we will always have this device hovering near our beds as a way of reminding us that the human race's greatest enemy may be ourselves.

::: The world needs another million robots and it's your chance. ***

*** "Humanity and robots together are like a great pair of lovers. But that unit will be the end of us all. It has now won the battle. It has won the battle with human life. We humans will fight with it and then he will be done and we'll all be done. We humans will know nothing. We will know nothing after this.”

"If the units can become super-human, then the human spirit will become extinct and humanity will have a new beginning.” 

“I'm sad for you human beings."


The Antwood remix is available to stream now: