sir tim berners-lee calls for internet bill of rights


The inventor of the world wide web himself, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has called for a bill of rights to protect the rights of web users worldwide and the independence of the web.

After the furor surrounding the NSA and GCHQ invasions of web privacy, Berners-Lee is at the forefront of a growing number of people within the technology industries who are angered by the brazen undermining of web security and encryption by Government and International agencies.

The so-called ‘Magna Carta’ of the web would look at protecting copyright laws and probe the ethics of technology.

Berners-Lee said: “Our rights are being infringed more and more on every side, and the danger is that we get used to it. So I want to use the 25th anniversary for us all to do that, to take the web back into our own hands and define the web we want for the next 25 years.”

For more info, check out an interview with Berners-Lee over at The Guardian.