Singles Club #7


With yet another round of fantastic singles Joe Europe presents us with sounds from the likes of Juju and Jordash, spacey synths from Dopeus, dancefloor fodder from Locked Groove and some disco infused house from Max Graef & Andy Hart

Juju and Jordash Coffin Train – Unleash the Golem Pt 2 (Golf Channel)

Bloody Golf Channel again!?! Juju and Jordash have been extremely busy of late and this week sees the release of the second part of their spooky Unleash the Golem series. The first part came out way back in 2011 so its high time the follow up saw the light of day.

Coffin Train is a 23 minute voyage into the depths of JJ&JDs imagination so deep that they could only fit a 16 minute edit onto the vinyl (the full version is digi only). This is a slow burning chugger with a creepy acid line punctuated with crashing snares. Loads of texture and depth, its one to turn the lights off, lie down and immerse yourself in. On the flip is Coffin Train Getaway which at a mere 9 minutes 17 feels almost brief compared to the other side.  This takes the atmospherics of Coffin Train but brings it to the dancefloor with more of a straight up rhythm. Its still pretty dark mind with a kind of brooding energy to it.

Out now on digi and wax.

Dopeus Getaway (3rd Ear)

Natoke Grunj AKA Dopeus drops his 4 track Getaway EP on London house stalwarts 3rd Ear Recordings and his quality as a producer really shines through.

He gives us 2 versions of the title track an 808 mix and a 909 dub. As youd expect the 808 mix has a lovely, warm, rounded kick with haunting but soulful vocals by Carolyn Punter. The 909 dub brings a lovely deep Rhodes into play and some spacy synths. Dont I Need You is deep and grooving, with lovely piano chords that have a delicious melancholic flavor to them. Warpin brings back the 808 rhythms, but this time with alto sax played by Yosuke Sato and bass by Steve Whipple. The track slowly develops a freeform jazz sound.

I think were going to be hearing more from this feller. Out now on wax and digi.

Locked Groove Keep Through (Turbo Recordings)

Belgian pair Locked Groove hit us with 3 tracks of dancefloor friendly techno on Tigas label Turbo Recordings. This is just a one tune wonder with reworks provided by Juju & Jordash (theyre getting bloody everywhere these two!) and Montreal native Iron Galaxy. All three versions offer a different vibe, the original being the most conventional but very effective. The JJ&JD mix is a stripped back monster taking the vocal sample and having some fun with delay feedback. They also fish out the cowbells from the original and crank them up to 11. The Iron Galaxy mix is creamy, deep and grooving would love to hear him take it a bit more weird though.

Dancefloor fodder. Out on now on wax and digi


Max Graef & Andy Hart Heavy Setters EP (Sleazy Beats Black Ops)

Sleazy Beats are known as purveyors of fine disco/house/edit/boogie/stuff and this latest offering is everything youd expect. 3 tracks of high quality, disco infused house gubbins.

Out late July/early August. Vinyl only.

Joe Europe