Singles Club #3


This week we’re treated to singles from the likes of Paxton Fettel down in the darkest depths of Devon, some rough dancefloor fodder from Delroy Edwards and an  Osunlade remix package.

Paxton Fettel – Not Bad for a Tenner (Greta Cottage Workshop)
Greta Cottage Workshop is a label out of the darkest depths of Devon (Torquay to be exact) and they’ve been concentrating on showcasing their very own take on electronic music for a number of years now. Very independently minded, not fad following or peak time craving, the music they’ve been putting out has often had a contemplative, unhurried sound and this EP from Danish artist Paxton Fettel is no exception.
Why more people aren’t keyed into Paxton’s music is beyond me. This ep shows off his consummate talent in crafting beautiful, laid back, low slung house music. For me the stand out track is Permafunk which is a fuzzy blend of jazz chords and a groove. Nothing heavy or over the top, the track feels light and airy but you will shake your booty.  
Out on the 17th June on limited edition 12″

Osunlade – Camera Shy Remixes (Yoruba Music)
Osunlade follows up the release of Camera Shy with a remix package which enlists artists such the legendary Andres from Detroit and Oscar Offerman from Berlin. I’ve always been a little dubious of releases completely dedicated to remixes (the phrase flogging a dead horse comes to mind) but these are 4 different sounding, high quality cuts. Each mix has it’s own identity, Andres brings out some lovely little string chords and a quality groove, the Alex & Chris mix is a deeper affair, Justin Imperial brings the percussion and Mr Offerman makes into a dancefloor moment.
The original is of course impeccable but we know that, it’s Osunlade. Out now on wax.
Delroy Edwards – White Owl EP (L.I.E.S.)
Fairplay there’s been a lot of hype around the Long Island Electrical Systems boys of late but for once it’s completely merited. The label out of Brooklyn (ok so why the funk is it not called Brooklyn Electrical Systems then eh?) have been putting out a prodigious number of 12″ over the past year or so which means they’ve clocked up more of a discography since 2012 than most labels do in half a decade.
This outing with Delroy Edwards is stripped down, jackin techno and it’s really rather good. This is not furthering the sound or looking to the future but it’s rough, distorted, percussion lead dancefloor fodder. Fast Lane is the stand out for me, a bit less hectic than the other two but with a lovely groove. Great stuff from the LA boy on the NYC label.
Out now on wax

Joe Europe