Singles Club #16


Each week our very own  Joe Europe  picks the tracks that have delighted his ear drums and are destined to go on to cause a stir. Joe (himself no slouch on a drum machine/turntable) puts to bed the notion that writing about music is akin to dancing about architecture – a wordsmith of great grace with a mighty fine ear to boot – we at R$N take note of his choices with quasi-religious fervor and we recommend wholeheartedly that you do too… This week, new shtuff from Gunnar Haslam, Titeknots and Sam Russo

Gunnar Haslam Bera Range EP (Argot)

Having just dropped a full length LP on L.I.E.S. Gunnar Haslam now lines up a 3 track EP on Argot. The results are well worth checking out.

While Haslams sonic pallet stays within the low-fi, analogue house setting, he takes this into three noticeably distinct areas. The title track is a brooding affair, with the drum track taking on a slightly militaristic air.  Over this sit some lovely strings that become reminiscent of a moody sci-fi film from the 80s. But on the flip the seriousness gives way to the more playful, broken rhythms of Optional. Before long out of the depths come rising uplifting synths and by the end all has turned into a blissed out chaos. Finally Nevenoe is a slow, melancholic but essentially warm-hearted jam.

Out now on wax and digital

Titeknots Mind Open/Wordy (Thu Thoughts)

True Thoughts is definitely one of my favourite labels and has been for some time now. Champions of independent, unadulterated, jazz, funk, hip hop, soul, latin and god knows what else. These guys know their shit. Just think of people like the Quantic Soul Orchestra, Diesler, Alice Russell, Omar, man the list goes on and on.

In light of this personal label crush that I have its always exciting to hear a new signing to their roster and this nugget from Tieknots is a breath of fresh air. A double A side of bright, colorful house music. Mind Open has definite afrobeat influences shining through the broken rhythm, xylophones (or some kind of mallet business) and the heavy live sounding bass. You know what, there could even be an oboe in there too (Im probably wrong). Wordy takes things into a funkier realm, with crisp Rhodes licks and a steady, rolling beat.

Highly recommended. Enjoy with a cocktail.

Sam Russo Vanishing Test EP (Vitalik)

Vitalik drop their 18th release with Sam Russos Vanishing Test EP. Two tracks of heads down, functional deepness from Mr Russo of the highest order. The originals are augmented by two quality remixes. First up Jordan Peak takes the title track into almost Ostgut territory; stripped down percussion, heavy reverberant chords and incessant bassline. Finally Swedish producer of Skudge and Rush Hour fame delivers the pick of the bunch with his monster rework of Sue Press. For the dancefloor.

Out next week on wax + digi