Singles club #15


Each week our very own Joe Europe picks the tracks that have delighted his ear drums and are destined to go on to cause a stir. Joe (himself no slouch on a drum machine/turntable) puts to bed the notion that writing about music is akin to dancing about architecture – a wordsmith of great grace with a mighty fine ear to boot – we at R$N take note of his choices with quasi-religious fervor and we recommend wholeheartedly that you do too… This week, new shit from Information Ghetto on Burek, Klamauk & Gerry Read.

Information Ghetto Inspiration (Burek)

Releases are coming thick and fast from Croatian house imprint Burek (the one with the cow face) and this 7th outing sees them in fine form once again. This time theyve picked up on Russian producer Denis Korsunskiy a.k.a. Information Ghetto. To remix his track Inspiration Burek have called in Chicago producer Specter and also techno head Aubrey for two very different re-interpretations.

The original is a clean sounding slow burner that works its way nicely into the action with its expectant string progression and distant atmospherics. This all comes to a head half way through when everything peels away and he introduces a nice hook and pitch bent synth lead to take us through to the close. The Specter remix is a more paired back affair, with the deep Chicago aesthetic shining through.

Far and away the best cut here (not to down talk the other two mind) is the Aubrey mix. Here the chord sequence of the original is given a starker setting, with its spacious but incessant techno percussion that treads the line between confusion and pace beautifully.

Nice to see three distinct flavours on one piece of wax.

Out 20th September on digi and wax

Various Artists Klamauk 005 (Klamauk)

Klamauk is perhaps not too widely known as a label but this is a bit of a crime if you ask me. Theyve been slowly putting together a string of releases over the past few years, always focusing on quality of output rather than quantity.

With their 5th release theyve put together 4 tracks from 4 different artists that show off the labels depth very nicely.

First up is a collaboration from Roman Rauch (well known from his work on Philpot and Quintessentials) and Philta with their track Gino. The pair set up a solid house beat as a base and then proceed to overlay off-balance but nicely interlocking synth work to great effect. Then weve got Keinzweiters offering The Stomp which all revolves around a killer, deep as you like, groove and a rasping analogue bass.

With his track Got Your Back Tom Ellis takes things off the beaten track with a tightly clipped, pent up rhythm that opens up beautifully at intervals with stuttering piano chords and sax licks. Finally The Whitening Cell from Florence based artist The Clover is a more hectic affair with confusing, but pleasing samples colliding over an unstoppable live bass.

Out on wax in October

Gerry Read You Got No Goddamn Groove (4th Wave)

A new release from 4th Wave is always worth checking out and this 3 tracker from Gerry Read takes no prisoners from the outset. The title track kicks off with a relentless, distorted, pulsating high hat and a warbled voice proclaiming that you got no goddamn groove. This is joined by a solid kick drum soon enough and away we go. Later this is joined by some distant looping strings that actually put me in mind of the reverse string in Energy Flash.

Following on from this Rubber Hands is chaotic and rushed (intentionally) with an energy thats just trying to break out. Finally weve got Andy Asteroids, which is a masterpiece of confusion, with a spattering of schizophrenic percussion and layered noise. Lush.

Out in October on wax.