Singles Club #12


Spaventi Dazzuro Lonely (COS MOS)

The Dutch duo that is Delsin and MOS are far and away my favorite labels at the moment encompassing gritty analogue techno, lush deep house and fractured electronica. This latest offering from the deep end of the business sees the start of a new series – COS MOS. Spaventi Dazzuro serves up two takes on one theme. The Jerkoff mix is all clattering 707 drums, wandering synth line and gritty Rhodes chords. The Crunchy Club mix is just that, tough drums and tight, funky bassline. Both tracks are full bodied, warm dancefloor house cuts of the very highest order.

Absolute beasts looking forward to hearing more from COS MOS.

Out now on wax

Velvit The Nudge EP (Electric Minds)

Drum & Bass veteran dBridge dons his Velvit alias to deliver a two track EP of tough, stripped down techno on the Electric Minds label and theres no messing with this one. The title track is definitely the pick for me. Its a straight up banger, but its got that deep, slightly melancholic atmosphere to it. The beat just hangs there in space, a static presence that moves you. Then half way an almighty snare drum whaps you in the face. On the B Side The Act is a tighter, more funky affair but still with that boom clatter clatter aesthetic to it.

Out on wax 27th August, digi follows on the 30th.

Greg Beato PMA (L.I.E.S.)

This 3 track release from Greg Beato has all of the skuzzy, low-fi but all in all pretty damn jackin hallmarks that weve come to expect from L.I.E.S. over the last couple of years. Dark, unsettling soundscapes overlaid with gritty, pumped up drum machine rhythms. PMA is a schizophrenic jacker, Hawo stomach-churning Detroit soundscape with an almighty kick drum and Gimmie a Light just like the soundtrack to a demented SNES game made on a 909 whilst smashed on PCP.

Out now on wax.


Joe Europe