Sicaria Sound release their second EP ‘5th Gear/Quondam’


London-based DJ and production duo Sicaria Sound have released their second EP ‘5th Gear/Quondam’.

Across the two-track EP, Ndeko & Imbratura pay homage to the sonic aspects of their shared North / East African and Arab heritage.

Marrying the music of Morocco, South Sudan and from Ndeko’s childhood in West Africa with their signature love of low-end and perc-driven sounds, the duo craft a deeply personal release that continues their exploration into the sonics we’ve come to associate them with through their DJ sets.

The EP follows ‘Binate’, the pair’s debut outing in March of this year on CONFiDANCE.

1. 5th Gear
2. Quondam

Watch the video for ‘5th Gear’ below.