Shit Robot


Theres not enough people out there carrying that Pet Shop Boys torch onwards. And dont give me the nonsense bollocked about with by the likes of Hurts, cause you and I both know theyre a total sham. And then here it comes, collaboration between DFAs man Shit Robot and tiny angelic voiced Alexis from Hot Chip, and that particularly English strand of arch and hateful synth pop is being serviced properly once more (never mind that Shit Robot is Irish…). Fusing warm analogue electronics to a superbly bitter n bruised vocal delivered with a restraint of passion that suggests more emotion than histrionics could convey, Losing My Patience is a classic ticking along to a midi heart beat. More synth disco than Hot Chips trademark digital RnB hybrid, this is an excellent meeting of minds, and hopefully the first of many to come.

Ian Mcquaid

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