Shangaan Bang! To Release New Shangaan Electro


Shangaan BANG are a UK based label specialising in the Shangaan Electro music that issues from the Limpopo region of South Africa. For those unfamiliar with the sound, Shangaan Electro takes the traditional music of the Limpopo people (known as the Shangaan – in reality a mix of various ethnic groups) and hypes it up with wonky synth stabs and frantic, high-speed drum loops. The new album from Limpopo producer Da Multi Snake, called, simply enough, Da Multi Snake Vol #2, features 6 tracks of party starting action, with the tempo rarely dropping beneath 160 bpm, and all the unexpected left turns and joyous vocals you could possibly want. You can stream the lead track below and pre-order the album from the Shangaan BANG bandcamp here.