Seiji Seiji 3


Its a good week for UK house, the aforementioned Ill Blu taking the honours, closely followed by these two bombs from the veteran Seiji. On the A side More Of You comes with some dancehall patterned synth pressure and stuttered Todd Edwards style garage vocals. Importantly it also comes with a rubber bass stretching, glooping and twostepping all over the track, busting speakers and trainer soles as it goes. Theres no nobbing about, this is pure dance music made for the fun of it. On the flip Sticks has a slightly more tropical vibe, with exotic percussion and cheeky melodies working with more of those Todd Edwards stutters. Everything slots together with the precision of craft and thickness of sound you would expect off a producer whos been running game since the 90s, and these are two strong dancefloor tools for forward thinking floors.


Ian Mcquaid

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