Scorpio Is Truly Rising – Death In Vegas New Album Trans Love Energies


So good to have DiV back! One of our favourite bands, we’ve seen them both live and djing more times than I care to remember and have spent rather a lot of time hanging out at the contino rooms. So, after a seven year break with just a best of and a fabricLive mix album here’s the first taste of album number 5. They’ve been keeping themselves busy, no doubt, with Tim getting involved with production credits now including New Order and Robert Plant and Richard moving to New York to concentrate on his photography.

Only we don’t think he did got to New York. We think he’s been in Chicago in 1986 hanging out with Ron Hardy as what they’re delivering here (particularly on Enforced Peace) is raw 303 electronics – stripped to the bone and clinically clean. It’s great. He might also have been to Detroit on his travels. ‘Your Loft’ has a pulsing techno intro before building into a cinematic soundscape. It’s classic Death in Vegas with the washed out vocals of Katie Stelmanis echoing across the music.

Tour dates are to be announced, as are full album details, but you can bet there’ll be no Liam Gallgher this time around. It’s back to basics and back to their best. Scorpio is truly rising.

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