Over the past year Ive been unfailingly critical of grime stars releasing God awful pop records, so this week I want to redress the balance and highlight some gems. It seems as though a host of great hard grime releases have burst out, demented Jack-in-the-box style over the last couple of weeks, and fingers crossed, we may be witnessing a swing back to innovation and mayhem rather than the trance lite nursery rhymes that have been peddled by all and sundry this year. First up comes this hectic team up from the Godfather of the scene and Scorcher, an MC who makes up for his lack of lyrical depth with a hyped up rolling flow that powers over the rhythm. The beat itself is full of ramped up military snares and deep bass pulses alongside a mental, constant HEY sample. Such pure relentless bullying sounds make this a sure fire club banger, and a good example of grime taking on developments outside the scene (there are elements of funky and bmore to the track) yet staying resolutely hardcore.