Run The Jewels Remake Run The Jewels 2 From Cat Sounds


Good news for us cat lovers (which, in case you've never been on the site, is every single person involved in R$N) – hip hop saviours Run the Jewels have decided to remake their recent Run the Jewels 2 album, with all the melodic parts replaced with cat sounds. What started out as a flippant joke ("we'll do it for $40,000" they announced to fans) has spiralled into a fan led kickstarter that's raised $65K. So, sure enough, RTJ have taken a small detour from their two-man crusade to make modern rap lyrics a little less hateful, to get a bunch of other producers to rework Run the Jewels 2 as Meow the Jewels. And the results are kinda good. After listening to Portishead man Geoff Barrow's remix of Close Your Eyes and Meow to Fluff we have to ask why more bass lines haven't been built out of cat purrs. That shit is sleazy. 

Being philanthropic types, RTJ have made the whole album available as a free download – you can get it direct from their website here. They're also knocking up a vinyl version for the heads out there – and giving all profits from the project, past and future, including the wedge from the Kickstarter, directly to the families of murdered black Americans Michael Brown and Eric Garner, to related charities, Run The Jewels and all artists involved having contributed their time, efforts, cat sounds and music for free. There's pretty much nothing we don't like about this. And to prove it, here's RTJ producer El-P auditioning cats;