Round Four Of El Rudo Del House To Be Released


For Chilean-born and German-raised Matius Aguayo, dancing through life is a philosophy to live by. El Rudo del House, a series of musical collections created by Aguayo is a platform for him to share this philosophy to the never-resting, keen-eared and bright-eyed masses. With three editions already under his belt, Aguaya will now be releasing Round Four of this series on June 15th.

Continuing the theme from his other outings, Round Four be released on coloured vinyl and will feature steady grooves from field recordings of Aguayo's adventures. Every round also feaures a life-size mask waiting to be copied by listeners and worn at gatherings and live shows. This is to capture the true spirit of El Rudo. Get ready to feel the adrenaline. From behind the mask, obviously.

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