Yes, well, I always thought Rihanna was rubbish. I dont care, Umbrella is OK. Just OK. Face it. Stick Crazy In Love and Umbrella in a tiny boxing ring surrounded by baying hood rats and whos going to emerge the bloody, staggering victor ? And dont even get me started on the wailing dirge that is Take A Bow.

Anyway, as a result I hadnt bothered listening to the various promos the labels been shooting out for her new Rated R project and what can I say … MORE FOOL ME..! This track is brilliant, its all the things I love about pop, its nonsensical, euphoric, sparse, sleazy and catchy as cat aids. The melody marries steel drums with Tiesto trance, and seeing as she can hardly sing, the old trout just raps away, vaguely having a stab at a melody. I cant help but think how bad this could have been in the hands of a grade A warbler (say, Mariah)the whole production is more than emotive enough to require any vocal pyrotechnics. Ive just listened to it for 40 minutes solid and you should get it into your life quick sharp because soon enough its going to be everywhere and quite possibly sickening…

Ian Mcquaid