Renegade Legion


A personal classic from 1993.

Thanks to the post below we’ll get a wee bit old-skool-RiG this afternoon, ie techno as fuck.

This 12″ is lurking somewhere in my mate’s flat along with several hundred others of mine, but I just HAD to hear it right now, so I downloaded a 320kbps version from Discogs for the princely sum of 2.99. Maybe no bad thing, as my copy would be crackled-up to fuck. So here you go, on the house..

This is one of those 12″s that I could quite happily play every track off over the course of an evening. If I was forced at gunpoint to pick one, it would have to be B1 – The Weeping Waste. I defy anyone not to be punching the air at the 6min mark on that tune.

According to Discogs, RL is one guy, Guillaume Leroux, and he released another 12″ three years later which I’ve not heard. Surely it can’t be up to the majesty of this release?

Anyway, knock yourselves out, it doesn’t get much better than this…

Renegade Legion – Friends Or Foes?
A – Friends Or Foes?
B1 – The Weeping Waste
B2 – The Renegade March (Featuring Sgt Kabukiman Himself)


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