Remixes of 2010


2010 has been a stellar year for music. Weve been treated to experimental new directions, long awaited for official releases and some incredible remixes, refixes and recreations. Heres a retrospective of a few of the most interesting (in my humble opinion) remixes of the year.

Basic Space (Mount Kimbie Remix) – the XX
Undoubtably one of the most remixed bands of the year, its hard to pick just one from the swell of XX remixes weve been treated too. R$N reviewed Four Tets remix of VCR a few weeks ago and its definitely worth checking out if you havent already. Here, Mount Kimbie adroitly nurture the clarity and space that make the XX album so elegant with a subtly woven production. Immersive sub-bass a melancholic pitch-shifted vocal cut contribute to a remix that somehow teases out even more depth and heartbreak from the track.

Sing (Floating Points Remix) –
Four Tet
In this extraordinary exploration Floating Points warps the beauty of Four Tets Sing into a lush 14 minute tantric dream sequence. Immersing us with an ambient vision of the songs essence, Floating Points builds to a pined-for crescendo, bringing us close to climatic euphoria. Unfolding a hypnotically absorbing beat were taken again up to the outreaches before were finally cut loose to connect with a cosmic drift into galactic freedom. Epic.

Blackmagic (Joy Orbisons Recreation) – Jos James
Surely 2010 is going to be a pretty memorable year for Joy Orbison. Hearing him spin at Eastern Electrics was a pretty memorable moment and this, for me, is some of his best work. Lending his gifted hand to the title track to Jose Jamess debut album, Joy Orbison crafts a stellar remix. Evocative piano stabs and a heady breakdown lift Joses soulful vocal to euphoric post-garage cut.

Be True (Burial Remix) – Commix

First surfacing at least two years ago, Burials remix was finally released this year on Commixs re-imagined Re:Call to Mind. The celebrated, if perhaps a little overrated, Be True is barely discernible underneath the poignant urban haze that can only be from Burials inimitable touch, with his hallmark vocal cuts rising like vapour from a breath in the frozen air. The swelling depth of the remix shadows a sepulchral, apposite backdrop these dark winter days.

No No No – LA Vampires & Zola Jesus

On the final track of their haunting, psychedelic self-titled release, LA Vampires & Zola Jesus present a barely recognisable version of the classic Dawn Penn cut. Lo-fi drum machines and a seriously low slung dubbed-out bassline rattle under far-out ghostly vocals to create a delicious psychedelic reimagination, which loses none of the swagger of the original.

Gil-Scott Heron – New York Is Killing Me (Jamie XX remix)
First heard as a dubplate under the pseudonym Silentone on Jamie XXs mix for the Colette Blog back in May and recently revealed as the first from a whole album of Gil-Scott Heron remixes by Jamie XX, the political poets New York Is Killing Me has its vocal lifted on to this bouncing track. The cat-cry-like samples may turn some off this track, but they are what drew me to it in the Colette mix. Coupled with the deep bouncing bass-line, arresting progression and tense synth that finally builds to emerging marimba make for a distinctive track that Id love to hear out.

Omar – Feeling You (Henrik Schwarz)
Saving the best until last, my limited words cannot do this track justice, so all I can say is go and listen to it. Finally getting officially released this year alongside with three other great Omar remixes, this has got to be one of the finest, most soulful house tracks of recent years.

Jonny Hawton