Red Axes Return With A New Album And New Sound On ‘The Beach Goths’


The Tel Aviv duo of aka Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi initially made waves with their debut LP from 2014, ‘Ballad Of The Ice’, putting them on the map with a brand of leftfield-aimed electronica that delighted DJs and the dance floor as much as it delivered on traditional LP qualities and making it great for lounge listening too.

Here with ‘The Beach Goths’, a mixture between gothabilly, prog-rock and electronica, littered with percussive texture and musical flair, Red Axes craft a whole new sound entirely. In creation since late 2016, they’ve drafted in their extended Garzen family with features from Abrão, Eylonzo Crotch, Gabriel Broid, Adi Bronicki, Thomas Jacksonn & Iñigo Vontier.

Listen to the album teaser 'Tantrum Power' below.


A1. Ride The Sus

A2. Tantram Power

A3. What Is In Your Head

A4. Piper Work ft. Abrão

A5. Tarzan Blues ft. Eylonzo Crotch 

A6. Relaxation (For Your Mind And Body) ft. Gabriel Broid 

B1. Coocked Banana ft. Thomass Jackson &  Iñigo Vontier 

B2. Shlomit

 B3. Loosen

 B4. Shir 1

 B5. Talmood

 B6. Into Your Arms ft. Adi Bronicki

More information about Red Axes and this release can be found HERE.

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